My Latest Book as a Free Resource for You

Over the years, I have written several books on divorce and achieving a healthy, fair divorce for you and your spouse.  My latest book is titled Negotiating the Good Divorce, How to Divorce with Grace, a Little Class, and a Lot of  Common Sense, and I have decided to offer as a free download for you here on my website.  For now, individual chapters are available in PDF format.  Kindle and eBook versions are in the works.

Click here to begin downloading my latest book.  And as always, contact me if you have any questions about divorce, settlement, alimony, custody, or any specifics regarding your own situation.

I am available any time to answer questions you have about North Carolina divorce law, custody issues, or separation and settlement agreements. You are under no obligation and remember: Divorce doesn’t have to be adversarial. You can achieve a good divorce.

Sam Margulies, Ph.D., J.D.
(336) 669-3141

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